Mission and values

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
— Maimonides (1135–1204)


Sébastien Beaulieu aims to allow his customers to raise their awareness level so that they can continuously learn to learn and thus demonstrate their excellence.


Excellence is a high degree of development that any person, team or organization can achieve. To strive for excellence is to allow the best of oneself and of others to manifest and harmonize.

Excellence does not aim at matching a performance model foreign to oneself. Excellence invites us to be faithful to the truth and beauty within each of us.


Rooted in the word “Cor” (which means “heart” in Latin), courage refers to the authenticity and transparency required in all human development approaches.

Courage is the force that allows to override the ambiguity and discomfort that accompany the evolution and growth of an individual or a team.


Consciousness is a representation of our own existence within a wider world, which is self-awareness in interaction with the elements that surround us. “Get to know yourself” would therefore mean, either for an individual or an organization, to “know yourself in your relationship to the world” and to remain curious in face of any relationship and action complexities.


In an organization where collaboration is fluid, simple and natural, it becomes easy to generate a maximum impact with a minimal energy investment and thus innovate as a team. There is nothing to be “added” in order to live in harmony at work: rather it consists in “removing” obstacles that block its natural expression.


Compassion comes from opening our heart rather than our intellectual understanding. It comes from recognizing our interdependence. Showing compassion is to contribute to others’ development and weaving with them strong relationships from one’s heart which allow collaboration.