Since 2000, Sébastien Beaulieu has accompanied dozens of private and public organizations, particularly in Finance, Energy and Natural Resources, and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sectors.

*References provided upon request.

Organizations deal with BeaulieuPSY in view of:

  • Learning to learn together
  • Clarifying their mission, vision and values
  • Conducting an organizational change
  • Developing leadership
  • Developing an “executive presence”
  • Developing and improving collaboration
  • Creating inter-team synergies
  • Developing their future executive management
  • Harmonizing business practices
  • Developing emotional and relational intelligences
  • Managing time, stress and priorities
  • Attracting and retaining employees/customers, and developing their loyalty
  • Innovating and developing new products/services,
  • Complete a project as a team

And more, according to clients’ needs…

Customer testimonials

“There are people whom we’ll remember all our life. Some will say that Sébastien is quiet, thoughtful, flexible and above all, human. Some will say that his coaching is intense, inspiring, immersive and above all, it challenges one’s limits. Sébastien has a capacity for integration, for listening and a phenomenal empathy. He has the ability to create a trusting relationship that fully makes way to the individual. I have learned more with Sébastien’s coaching than with any conventional training.”

Chief, Governance and Project Management, Organization in the energy sector

“I have been using Sébastien’s services for many years and every time I meet with him, it is for me a great opportunity to find my bearings and refocus on what is good in me and for me. I have observed Sébastien’s great capacity to listen, his empathy and professionalism. At each of our meetings, he is always well prepared, demonstrates flexibility and accommodates my current needs. These meetings have become essential for my professional and personal journey.”

Vice President, Financial Institution

“The unique and lasting collaboration with Sebastian is simply natural. He listens attentively,  he is authentic, his empathy and skills inspire achievement and surpassing ourselves, triggering a healthy reflection. Any undertaking with Sébastien definitely brings an added value. His work is oriented towards a target along with a plan that promotes achieving concrete results. Sébastien has participated in the growth of several key employees who subsequently had a positive effect on teamwork dynamics. His intervention has also fuelled reflections on our organizational development challenges which contributed to an enhanced transformation of our organization.”

Director of Human Resources, Information and Communications Technologies organization